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Dental Crown FAQs

Dental crowns are able to treat both cosmetic and restorative issues. As a dental tool, they can be used for all sorts of problems with your teeth. Dr. Greg Reece of Dentistry of the Queen City answers frequently asked questions about dental crowns in Charlotte, crowns in charlotte, north carolina

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Question: What are dental crowns used for?

Answer: Dental crowns can be used for many of your problems. They can fix a cracked or broken tooth, cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, serve as the final restoration for dental implants, or stabilize teeth that have gone through a root canal. They can also serve to help strengthen the teeth that’ll serve as anchors for dental bridges.

Question: What are dental crowns made out of?

Answer: Dental crowns are made specifically to blend in with your natural smile, while also being durable. They’re made of porcelain dental ceramic. This material can be color-matched to the rest of your smile, making it look like it was always part of your mouth.

Question: What’s the process to get a dental crown?

Answer: First, Dr. Reece will have to do a full examination of your tooth. He’s going to make sure that a dental crown is a proper treatment for your issue. Then, the tooth has to be cleaned and relieved of any infected material. Your tooth is then shaped. A small amount of material has to be removed from the outside of the tooth so that there’s ample room for the crown.

You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown while a custom one is made for you. Impressions are taken so that the crown fits with the rest of your smile and blends well with the other teeth.

Question: How do I take care of dental crowns?

Answer: One of the best things about dental crowns is that they’re meant to be a permanent restoration. If you take care of dental crowns, they can last for 30 years. Luckily, dental crowns can be taken care of with a standard oral healthcare routine. If you brush and floss regularly, along with routine visits to your dentist, your crowns should last a long time.

However, keeping an eye on your diet can also help. While dental crowns are meant to be durable and last, biting down on hard foods can crack or chip the crown. At appointments with Dr. Reece, he’ll make sure to take an extra look at your crown and the tooth under it. This is to ensure that the tooth underneath isn’t decaying and that there’s no damage to the crown.

Question: Am I able to get dental crowns?

Answer: If your tooth is broken but the tooth root is intact, chances are you can get a dental crown. It can also work for you if the tooth is infected, but the infected material can be removed without removing the entire tooth. After a root canal, for example, the tooth will be packed with material and then capped with a dental crown.

Dental Crowns in Charlotte, North Carolina

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