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Dental Fillings Charlotte, NC

Are you concerned about tooth decay or cavities? Do you have cracked and chipped teeth?

Preserve natural teeth and prevent tooth extraction with dental fillings in Charlotte, NC. This routine general dental procedure can be performed in just one visit to our office. Dr. Greg Reece will assess your teeth before treatment and will review your budget and goals with you. Treatment at Dentistry of the Queen City is personalized to each and every patient’s needs.


Resin vs. Metal Dental Fillings

There are two common types of dental fillings: resin and metal fillings. Learn more about each option below:

Resin Fillings

Resin or “white” fillings are made out of composite resin material. Because they are a white color they can blend in with teeth for a more natural look. The composite resin is placed in layers and then cured with a light so they harden and adhere to teeth. Resin fillings support the remaining tooth structure and can help prevent teeth from breaking. This treatment option can also be used to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth. Less tooth structure is removed to prepare for “white” fillings.

Metal Fillings

Metal fillings or silver amalgam fillings are made of silver, tin, copper, and zinc. These fillings may not blend in with teeth but are highly durable. With the correct dental care, metal fillings often last patients for up to 15 years. Metal fillings can also stand up to the biting and chewing forces of the jaw.

In addition to resin or metal fillings, if the affected tooth is larger, or the decay is substantial, Dr. Reece may recommend an inlay or onlay. An inlay fits inside the top edges of the tooth and an onlay extends over the cusps of the treated tooth. Inlays and onlays are created from a single, solid piece that is adhered to the tooth that is being treated.

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