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Teeth Whitening Charlotte, NC

Are you tired of discolored teeth? Do you want a whiter, brighter looking smile? Dr. Greg Reece and our dental care team at Dentistry of the Queen City offer KOR teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC. Without the use of lights or lasers, you can obtain a whiter, younger looking smile. KOR involves both at-home and in-office treatment and can provide many benefits for patients.

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Benefits of Whitening Teeth with KOR

There are multiple benefits that patients can receive with this cosmetic treatment method. KOR Teeth whitening:

  • Lasts a long time
  • Improves tooth health
  • Reverses effects of aging on teeth
  • Brightens teeth
  • Can help improve your confidence

If you want ultra white teeth and have found other teeth whitening methods to be lacking, try KOR. This tooth whitening treatment is a great option for patients who have developed stains on their teeth from antibiotics and other medications. KOR removes deep stains, leaving you with a brilliant ultra-white smile.

The KOR Teeth Whitening Process

Because the KOR whitening process is comprehensive and involves multiple steps, it may not be for everyone. Dr. Reece will review and assess your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. He will also discuss your budget, goals, and overall oral health with you before treatment.

The first step of KOR treatment involves two weeks of tooth whitening at home with whitening trays. These custom trays are filled with bleaching gel and cover teeth offer 6 to 10 hours of overnight teeth whitening. The whitening gels are refrigerated to ensure their active ingredients stay active and effective in treating stains. The whitening trays also seal out saliva. Saliva is able to destroy peroxide quickly, so the sealed trays can help provide patients with more effective results.

After the first two weeks of treatment, at-home whitening continues with one added in-office treatment. A month into treatment, you will start three to four weeks of continuing at-home treatment with multiple in-office sessions. The last six to eight weeks also involves both in-office and at-home treatment.

This may seem like a long process, but it’s worth it. The KOR teeth whitening method has provided consistent results while minimizing tooth sensitivity in millions of patients globally.

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Are you looking for a brilliant white smile? Call Dr. Reece and his team at 704.486.8911 or request an appointment online. Dr. Reece will work with you to ensure your comfort during every step of the treatment process. If other whitening methods have not worked for you and your teeth, KOR may be what you’re looking for.