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Restorative Dentistry Charlotte, NC

Dr. Greg Reece is a highly trained and experienced dentist in Charlotte, NC. At Dentistry of the Queen City, we offer options that help patients replace missing teeth, treat gum disease, or alleviate the impact of bite problems and TMJ such as facial and jaw pain.

Restorative dental care addresses tooth damage and tooth loss with the goal of giving you back a smile that looks great and functions naturally. Restoring your dental health will boost your confidence in your appearance, improve your quality of life and support overall health and wellness.

restorative dentistry in Charlotte North Carolina

Restorative Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Learn more about the restorative dentistry options offered to patients at Dentistry of the Queen City below.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth? You may be a good candidate for dental bridges. This restorative treatment option restores multiple consecutive missing teeth. Dentists secure fixed dental bridges with adjacent real teeth. Implant-secured dental bridges are a stable option that lasts longer than removable options. This treatment can help prevent further tooth loss and are more permanent than other solutions. To learn more about your dental bridge options at our office, see Dental bridge.

Dental Crowns

Do you have a broken tooth? Do you need to protect a weak worn down tooth? Dental Crowns are a great way to protect your teeth from further damage. Our dentist can restore the shape of a broken or cracked tooth with a dental crown. Our dental crown treatment is custom to your needs so that you get the best restoration possible. TO learn about repairing your teeth using our dental crowns, see Dental crown.

Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? Have you lost a permanent tooth due to decay or trauma? Dental implants are artificial roots, teeth, or other structures that an oral surgeon surgically places in the mouth to replace missing natural teeth. Dentists use them to replace teeth, support dental prostheses such as dentures and partials, or to provide anchorage for orthodontic appliances.

The implant can be a single unit of an artificial tooth (a crown) or multiple units (bridges). We can also use dental implants when there is no remaining natural tooth structure. to learn about our dental implant services in Charlotte, see Dental implants.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials are a dental prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. They can be acrylic and metal, or porcelain. There are many different types of dental prosthesis, and dentures and partials are two of the most common.

Dentures are when a dentist replaces a full set of teeth with an appliance that fits over the upper or lower jaw. Dentists use partials to replace missing teeth in a similar manner to dentures, only they cover fewer teeth and only for the lower jaw. This treatment option can also prevent shifting and overcrowding teeth. To learn about how our dental office can replace your lost teeth using dentures, see Dentures and partials.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease has many stages. Bleeding gums is usually the first sign of this degenerative disease. From gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, Dr. Reece can prevent further damage to your mouth with conservative treatments for gum disease remediation. To learn about periodontal therapy treatments for our patients, see Periodontal therapy.

TMJ Treatment

Do you suffer from frequent jaw or facial pain? You may have a temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ disorders, or TMD, may cause symptoms such as difficulty chewing, lockjaw, earaches, muscle spasms, teeth grinding, or teeth clenching. Lifestyle changes, Invisalign, and oral appliances can help alleviate TMJ pain. To learn about how we can help you alleviate your jaw pain, see TMJ treatment.

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Dr. Reece works with patients on an individual basis to restore the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. To learn more about restorative dentistry and to discuss your personal needs and concerns, schedule a visit with Dr. Reece in our Charlotte dentist office. Contact us at 704-486-8911 or request an appointment online today.

We welcome new patients and can help you restore your oral health if you have been away from the dentist due to fear or anxiety.