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Dental Implants and Bone Regrowth

Dental implants are a permanent restorative dental treatment for patients missing one or more teeth. Implants are an effective tooth replacement solution, restoring oral function and enhancing your smile. In this process, the implant dentist will surgically place a titanium post into the jaw and bond a prosthetic tooth or crown to an abutment at the gum line. Dr. Greg Reece, your implant dentist in Charlotte, NC, describes one of the benefits of dental implants: stimulating bone regeneration in the jaw.

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How does it work?

When a dental patient is missing one or more teeth, the jawbone no longer has the stimulus of the tooth root. The absence of this root leads the bone in the jaw to deteriorate over time. The titanium post in a dental implant can replace the presence of the tooth root below the gum line. The return of stimulation to this area prevents bone loss and potentially regenerates bone that has already deteriorated.

What results can I expect?

Dental implants can take several months to heal fully, but once they are secured, you will have permanent restorative benefits. You can eat and speak as you normally would. The implants will also fill gaps where teeth were missing, restoring the aesthetic of your smile. You can have confidence in your teeth once again. You can also notice the cessation of bone loss in your jaw, which means you can stop the appearance of sagging in your face. Over time, the implants can also encourage the regeneration of your jawbone.

Will my jaw support implants?

The titanium posts of dental implants need to be surgically placed into the jaw. If too much jawbone has been lost due to missing teeth, your mouth may not be able to support these implants. If this is the case, your dentist may recommend a bone graft to add stability and structure to your jawbone. Your dentist may also suggest alternative restorative dental treatment if this is not a viable option. An examination and consultation with your dentist can determine if dental implants are the best treatment for you.

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