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How to Care for Your Dentures

Patients with missing teeth can improve their oral function with tooth replacement treatment from dentures. Whether you need a partial or a full arch of prosthetic teeth, your dentist can find dentures that suit your unique dental needs.

Though removable dentures do not serve as a permanent tooth loss solution, you can get smile enhancement with these fixtures for as long as possible if you take proper care of them. Dr. Greg Reece, a dentist practicing in Charlotte, NC, offers tips for enjoying long-lasting restorative benefits from your dentures.

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Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

To take care of your smile, you practice good oral hygiene habits. After tooth replacement treatment with dentures, you should continue this thorough regimen.

Proper oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing daily. This will prevent plaque build-up, which can cause damage to your remaining teeth as well as your gums. This type of dental harm can mean that your dentures will not fit securely in your mouth.

Rinse and Soak Your Dentures

Dentures might not be vulnerable to decay, but they can still garner plaque throughout your day. You should clean your dentures separately from your smile using a specified cleanser to prevent germs or plaque from spreading from your fixtures to the rest of your mouth.

You should also rinse your dentures after eating to remove lingering food particles that could contribute to plaque build-up. You should also soak your dentures when not worn, such as while you sleep. The fixtures may lose shape and no longer fit in your mouth if they dry out.

Schedule Regular Dentist Appointments

A major part of your oral hygiene routine should include regular appointments with your dentist. During these visits, your dentist completes a thorough cleaning of your smile and examines your mouth for signs of dental concerns.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of any issues can preserve your smile so that your dentures can provide optimal restorative benefits. With appropriate care and maintenance, your dentures can last for five years.