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All About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Even with excellent oral hygiene habits, your smile may lose its brightness over time. Aging, medicinal side effects, accidents, and other factors beyond an individual’s control could negatively impact the appearance of your teeth.

Your dentist can improve the look of your smile with an affordable and effective cosmetic treatment called dental bonding. If you feel nervous about dental work, learning more about the treatment can help you get more comfortable in the dental chair. To alleviate dental fear, Dr. Greg Reece, a dentist practicing in Charlotte, NC, responds to frequently asked questions regarding the tooth bonding procedure and its expected benefits.

All About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

How Will Tooth Bonding Help My Smile?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment, meaning its purpose is to enhance the appearance of your smile. More specifically, bonding can amend minor aesthetic concerns in your teeth, including the following:

  • Fix minor cracks and chips in teeth
  • Fill gaps in your smile
  • Reshape irregular teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth

If you have seen issues like these in your smile, you should ask your dentist if this treatment will work for you. Your dentist will determine an appropriate cosmetic dental treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals, your medical history, and the structure of your smile.

What Happens During the Bonding Procedure?

If you and your dentist decide to proceed with tooth bonding treatment, your dentist will begin the procedure by giving you a local anesthetic. This will numb the affected area of your mouth so that you will not experience any discomfort during the process.

Then the dentist will scrape a minute amount of enamel from the teeth to prepare the surface for the bonding. The dentist applies composite resin to the teeth and sculpts it according to the patient’s smile aesthetic goals.

With the bonding in a place that looks and feels good for the patient, the dentist uses specialized light to harden the resin. A final polish ensures a beautiful and natural-looking finish for the patient’s smile.

How Long Will I Notice Smile Enhancement from Tooth Bonding?

You will notice an enhancement in the look of your teeth immediately after your appointment. Your dentist will likely ask you to avoid consuming foods and beverages that could stain your smile for 48 hours.

You will see cosmetic benefits from tooth bonding for three to nine years with proper care and maintenance. Good oral hygiene habits, including brushing teeth twice daily, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings, can keep your smile looking its best after this procedure.

Tooth Bonding and More Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Dentistry of the Queen City offers tooth bonding and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Reece also specializes in implant, restorative, and general dentistry for patients of all ages, including preventative and emergency dental care. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 704-486-8911 or reach our staff online.