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Loose Dentures?

Have you ever wondered why your denture seems looser than when it was made? Or maybe you wonder why your denture was always loose and never fit correctly? This is a common question we get asked as a quality dentist in Charlotte, NC, and there are many factors that contribute to the reason why.

Before implant-supported dentures

Over time, your jawbones can change shape under the gum tissue. When the dentures were originally made for you, they were molded off your jaw exactly as it was at that moment. But, because most dentures are made of hard acrylic, the inside does not change; yet, the gum tissue they rest on does change. You can imagine that over time, after a lot of changes in your jawbones have taken place, the fit will not be as good.

The time it takes your jaws to change under your denture also varies. If great care is not taken to ensure your bite is exactly as it should be and your jaw joints are in the right position when you bite together, bone loss can be accelerated in some areas. Also, depending on what the denture opposes, whether it is your natural teeth, dental implants, another denture, or a partial denture, they can affect how quickly the bone will resorb away.

after implant-supported dentures

Another thing that can affect how the denture fits is how it was fabricated. Dr. Reece does things in a highly accurate way to get the best adaptation of your gum tissue. He also has extensive training in how your jaw joints work and how the teeth, regardless of whether they are real, need to function concerning those joints. This technique allows you to have a denture that replaces your missing teeth in a way that seamlessly fits in your mouth to maximize comfort and function.

We also can utilize an existing denture but adapt the inside of the denture to fit the gum tissue after the jawbones have changed over time. This is called a reline and is often utilized when the teeth of the denture are in good condition and fit exactly as they should, but the fit is not as good due to the bone changes that have taken place underneath.

Some people, though, have so little jawbone structure that no matter how well a denture is made for them, they will always have a compromise on how secure their denture can be fabricated. For these patients, implants are sometimes an option to anchor the denture to the jaw bone or attach it to the implants so that only the dentist can take them out when you are in for cleanings.

If you have loose-fitting dentures, need a new set of dentures, or just have questions regarding your current dentures, please contact our office to set up an appointment to discuss your options with Dr. Reece.