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April unfortunately lost a tooth due to a fracture. While exploring the options to replace her tooth we decided on a fixed dental bridge due to needing to add gum tissue to make sure the final result looked like it wasn’t even there. In addition to the bridge we needed to restore her proper function to get her bite healthier. By giving her back her form and function of her worn teeth with crowns and veneers we were not only able to improve her bite and prevent further broken teeth but also give her a dynamite smile!


This was a long time coming for Deb. She had been wanting a more brilliant smile for quite some time. Once we were able to give her an idea of what we can accomplish, she was all in! A combination of crowns and veneers was used to give her the brightness and shape of her teeth that makes her smile pop while still keeping that natural look that she always wanted.


Over the years Dixon had seen things deteriorate past where he ever imagined they would. The day came where he wanted to fix his smile and get his function back to where it was before things started to decline. Through saving what can be saved and sacrificing what couldn’t, we enhanced his smile with a combination of a removable denture held in place with dental implants for his upper jaw and crowns on the lower teeth. In addition to the improved esthetics, we also gave Dixon back his function that allowed him to not only chew better but enjoy his food more.


With a combination of crowns and veneers with gave Jo a beautiful smile makeover. She had always taken care of her teeth her entire life but with the function being off for so long, the teeth were showing signs of advanced aging and breakdown. She is now smiling with a bigger more youthful smile that she loves!


After a lifetime of dark staining due to a medication she took as a child, Joan wanted to finally get the smile she always wanted. In talking with Joan beforehand we decided to keep a little space between her front teeth because she has had it her entire life and identified it with her personality. With veneers on the front teeth and replacing old crowns on some of the back teeth we were able to re-create her smile in a way that has her smiling more than ever.


Through our smile design process we were abel to determine that part of Keiths esthetic concern was actually his gum recession. Through gum grafts and then veneers to enhance the teeth we gave him something that he just cant stop smiling about!


Mary was such a joy to work with to recreate her smile. In addition to enhancing the esthetics and filling out her smile, we were working to address her gum recession and “black triangles” spaces between her teeth at the gum line. With our restorations we were able to fill in the spaces and give her a more youthful smile.


This was such a satisfying makeover to complete. With the function being off, there was a lot of wear and breakdown of his natural teeth. We chose a combination of crowns and veneers to perfect his smile and function so that they not only look great but function just as great!


We had so much fun working with Pheeny and ended up with such a great result! We needed to replace a bridge that was older and not functioning properly. While we were replacing the bridge, she also wanted to enhance the esthetics of her overall smile and we did so with veneers. In addition to her new restorations we provided orthodontics with Invisalign to straighten her lower teeth and minimize any other work we needed to do to make sure her function was as perfect as the esthetics.


With a simple 6 porcelain veneers we were able to truly transform Vera’s smile! Through our smile design process we are always looking for the most conservative way to do things to achieve our patients goals.


This is one of my favorite cases so far for the main reason it took us over 6 years to create this smile (which was on purpose). It fully illustrates the positive effect that a plan can have. We sat down 6 years ago with Bonita and discussed her goals for her smile. Through that conversation we had an end goal in mind. Due to the scope of what all we were planning to do (crowns, composites, veneers, bridges and implants) we had to figure out a way to make it possible. By staging our treatment, we were able to take baby steps as well as take breaks all the while moving in the right direction towards the final goal. In the end we were able to complete her beautiful smile with the same result that it would have had if we did it all at once.


What an absolute joy to work with Gay to give her the smile she has always wanted. Gay had always had really dark teeth due to a type of stain from a medication, called Tetracycline, as a child. It had always been a part of her smile and identity. Over the years while the stain persisted, the function of her teeth was off and as a result she ended up wearing the front teeth down. With the wear and the stain, it finally got to the point where she wanted to restore and enhance her smile. Through porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges we were able to restore her smile to one that not only functions as it should but also looks amazing. Now she can’t stop smiling to show off her new smile.


This was such a fun case and a great display of conservative dentistry. She had always wanted to close the space between her 2 front teeth on both the top and bottom. We were able to leave all of her tooth structure intact and do this completely additive. On the top we used composite bonding to close the spacing between her 2 front teeth to blend in seamlessly with her remaining tooth structure and smile. On the lower we opted to add an “extra tooth” to close the spacing. I was so happy with the way this turned out because the esthetic result, the fact that this was completely additive and that we were able to give this young girl the smile she has always wanted.


“I am a gentleman in his 70's who over my lifetime have had "extensive" dental work done. I can truly say without any reservation that Dr. Greg Reece is one of the most professional and talented professionals I have ever experienced. Everything about this practice is outstanding.” -Joe T.
This was such a fun case to work on because it combined many different specialties of dentistry: fixed, removable and implant prosthodontics. Joe came in with a lot of different dentistry completed at different times in his life. Some of it was still working for him but none of it worked together properly. When the function is off and you have so many parts with so many minuscule details, the dental work will begin to breakdown. If you pay attention to the details and visualize the end in mind before starting to piece it together, you end up with a result that not only looks better but also feels better and works better. It also helped that he had a low lip line to cover an implant platform there from the start. It took at team effort from my friends up @BVDLVA : Ron Philbrook, Steven Spencer and Rob Thacker but with constant communication we nailed this one!


Karen was so much fun to work with to help her recreate her smile. She had a lot of dental work several years ago and she was ready to upgrade the esthetics of her smile. Over time her teeth had shifted and the shade that was selected many years ago wasn’t as white as what she wanted this time around. We were able to design her teeth to take advantage of the full potential of her beautiful smile.


Margo had a lot of dentistry in the past. And while it served her well through her life, in the past few years things were starting to deteriorate. In order to preserve her dentition we needed to combine a few bridges and sacrifice some of her failing teeth. By doing this, not only were we able to have a positive impact on her oral health but be able to enhance her smile and give her a more youthful appearance.



After having some teeth break duwe to his function being off, Matt decided to look into what was possible to make things ideal so more teeth don’t break. With a combination of orthodontics and porcelain crowns we were able to bring out the full potential of his smile to have a brighter and whither smile!